A purchasing platform dedicated to supplying veterinary practices

Reclaim time spent on order processing. Vet.pl is a technology specifically designed for veterinary clinics to automate the process of ordering medicines, supplies, materials, and veterinary services. We present the veterinary procurement platform.

Listy zakupowe

  • Central shopping list for your veterinary clinic
  • You can have multiple lists to share with colleagues
  • Products prompt themselves in the course of writing
  • You can dictate individual list items on your phone
  • Take pictures of a packaging instead of typing a name by hand
  • Scan barcodes in the mobile app to add a product to the list

Baza danych produktów

Vet.pl is a robust database of veterinary products, encompassing 99% of the most commonly ordered medications by veterinary clinics. Due to inconsistencies among wholesalers and manufacturers in describing drug parameters, the Vet.pl platform employs artificial intelligence algorithms to classify products from various wholesalers. Additionally, a personalized database is established for your veterinary clinic, tracking previous purchases and consistently cross-referencing new entries to ensure consistency with past orders.

Szukaj w kilku hurtowniach na raz

Your convenience is our top priority. By logging into Vet.pl, your veterinary clinic is connected to the ordering systems of multiple wholesalers simultaneously. On Vet.pl, you can check the availability of products saved on your shopping lists from several suppliers all at once. Additionally, with just one click, you can generate orders to all of them. Vet.pl was designed with the aim of saving your time.

Dostępność towaru na rynku

Vet.pl will swiftly provide you with a summary of product availability across different wholesalers. Therefore, if you need to purchase a larger quantity of medications than what's available at a single store, you can quickly split the order:
  • for a product available immediately, with delivery by tomorrow
  • for a product with fast delivery, but at a higher cost
  • for a cheaper product, with a longer delivery timeframe
Vet.pl will use your shopping list to ask multiple wholesalers several questions at once:
  • Do you have?
  • How much do you have?
  • For how much?
  • When is the delivery?
  • What delivery costs?

Szukaj zamienników dla leków

Active substance is the key, and based on it Vet.pl can suggest other products that can replace the products you need. If the order verification report shows that a product on your shopping list is unavailable, our app will allow you to search for a replacement by the active ingredient key of the drug.
All orders in one place
  • Once you know what, for how much and for when you can buy — it's time to place an order.
  • The virtual assistant will allow you to easily indicate which wholesaler will receive each part of your shopping list. In the end, it will prepare all orders for you and send them to the appropriate wholesalers.
  • The scope of cooperation between a given wholesaler and Vet.pl will determine whether the order will be immediately processed on Vet.pl or electronically transmitted to the chosen wholesaler's online ordering system.
  • The convenience of your shopping is paramount here.
Other clever features
    • Alerts — set alerts for product availability and for a specific price level. We will notify you when the market situation changes.
    • Analytics — you have constant access to many statements, i.e. the value of your purchases by category, by supplier, price history and much more.
    • Incentives — let suppliers know that you have plans to buy from their range. Put the initiative of the trading conditions in their hands.
    • Communicator— an integrated channel of communication with suppliers, in the context of a given shopping list or order, provides access to the history of the arrangements independently of the persons currently dealing with the matter.

      Funkcje administracyjne

      • Your details and logins to existing online stores
      • Access permissions for your employees
      • Contact details of persons responsible for procurement
      • Email addresses and phone numbers for notifications (WhatsApp, Messenger)
      • Addresses for deliveries
      • Payment methods (card, BLIK, transfers)
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