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Organize your purchases
Write down everything that is needed is your list of needs that everyone has access to. Write down, dictate, take a picture, scan the barcode from the packaging of the medicine that ends. Treat it as an inbox for your shopping needs in your veterinary clinic.
Shared Shopping Lists
No more paper slips and pictures sent by instant messengers. As of today, in your veterinary practice there is one central list, intended for the registration of requests, to which all collaborators have access,
it's money
You will place orders to all suppliers on a single platform web, in just a few clicks. By saving 2 hours a week on placing orders, you will give yourself 10 days of full paid leave annually.
Standard purchasing process
You write on the cards what you need to buy
At the end of the day, photos of note cards will come to you
You log into a couple of wholesalers and... you search, and... you search, and... you get annoyed that there isn't, that it doesn't work, that it's allowed
On a separate sheet, you jot down where you can buy what. You make decisions manually.
After about 45 minutes, you ship orders and finish the day
Alternate Version purchasing process
You enter the hospital and the pharmacy and scan the ending articles with your phone that fall into the common list of today's needs
Items from the list are paired with products in stores presenting you with a breakdown of availability and prices. From the shopping list you are looking for replacements for the active substance.
You verify availability, delivery costs and logistics minimums. You indicate what, from whom and in what quantity you want to buy.
After about 10 minutes, your order is ready. will divide them into the right wholesalers and distribute orders in the background.
We just got 35 minutes of your time back together
Connect needs with real products, use prompts
Our AI compares and matches products from different stores. Sometimes AI can immediately guess what product you are talking about, and sometimes you have to listen to a note or look at a photo to match it to the product you need. will keep you up to date with the names of medicines, materials and goods in the course of writing. You will also appreciate the mechanism of prompting from the history of your purchases, which significantly speeds up the replenishment of the list and improves the relevance of the prompts.
All your suppliers in one place
When your shopping list is ready, with one click, you can search through the stores of all wholesalers and manufacturers you have access to. displays the assortment from electronic ordering systems that are currently integrated with, as well as from wholesalers and manufacturers who run their stores directly on
Yes! With just one click, without visiting various websites, logging into different stores, and searching for the same product from different suppliers.
Bulk availability check
By default, you have to enter the system of each warehouse separately to see if they have a given item and for how much. With it is a much easier task. You select an item from your shopping list, and the system will show you a breakdown of its availability in different warehouses. With one click, you will add the right quantities from to your bulk order, and finally the system will create orders for individual warehouses.
Virtual shopping gallery and supply center for veterinary clinics
Imagine that you enter a shopping mall, where each of the stores is some kind of manufacturer or wholesaler of veterinary products. You can approach the information and ask the virtual assistant “In which stores will I get decongestant syrup, intubation kit, surgical pads?”. You can walk with one basket throughout the gallery, at the exit each store will receive its own part of your order. mobile application
Talk to all your suppliers and place orders in a single web or mobile app. Get notified in the mobile app about everything that happens with your purchases.Orders are converted to the format chosen by the supplier so that they arrive in the correct form.
Together with your team offers hassle-free group work and the creation of shared shopping lists. You easily control who can add requisitions and who has to create and send orders. You can work independently, in several people, as well as in a team of several dozen people, divided into roles in the purchasing process.
Create a free account and try the easier way to order does not require any fees and will always offer free functionality for veterinary clinics. No frills, no hidden fees. Create an account today, the world of the digital shopping revolution is open to you.
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