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Precision is efficiency
Order like a pro — orders always include product IDs, units, delivery date and delivery confirmation. Reduce the number of errors by 85%.
Time is money
View all your suppliers' orders in one app. Place orders with just three taps. Save over 2 hours per week.
Talk to the team in the app with 24/7 support. In addition, we will prepare you in less than 24 hours.
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Order format tailored to expectations
Place orders and communicate with all suppliers in one application. Orders are converted to the format preferred by the supplier - email, WhatsApp, SMS, and direct integration with ERP. Yes, every supplier can serve you this way. Let them know about it.
Organize your orders with ease
Browse and edit your orders online before sending them. Forget about notes, photos, or SMS messages saved on your phone or messaging app. Sort orders by names, identifiers, units, or categories. Easily make them clear for you and perfect for your supplier, allowing for smoother delivery and avoiding mistakes.
Multiple locations? No problem! allows you to manage demand and orders for multiple locations of your practice simultaneously. Centralizing purchases leads to better terms and less administrative work. You can use shopping lists from multiple locations to prepare centralized orders on behalf of your entire veterinary practice.
Together with your team
Your entire team can collectively use under your veterinary clinic's profile. No more misunderstandings or miscommunications - everyone is kept up to date.
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