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What is the uniqueness of Vet.pl? Get to know our company and find out what the platform we have created can offer you.

  • Our goal is to enable veterinarians to focus on their passion and development, by providing access to ultra-modern, intuitive and useful tools to support the management of veterinary practice.
  • We want veterinarians to have more time for themselves and their families.
  • We want to have a real impact on reducing the rate of doctors affected by depression due to their profession.
Pioneers Involved
  • Vet.pl - the platform launched in 2024 is a pioneering tool in its category. It combines knowledge of the realities of order handling in Polish veterinary clinics, elements of corporate purchasing management and advanced B2B Marketplace technology.
  • Vet.pl is a shopping platform built for the specifics of the work of owners and managers of animal treatment facilities in Poland.
  • Vet.pl is a committed platform because its creators are united by a personal concern for the comfort of work of veterinarians in Poland.
A real market need
  • Running a veterinary clinica in this country lies in the hands of veterinarians who are specialists in... the treatment of animals. This knowledge does not always go hand in hand with awareness of all aspects of running a business, i.e. procurement, purchasing policy, finance, human resources, etc.
  • For most of us, shopping online, its ease, convenience and time saving is nothing new.
  • Vet.pl sees a real need to provide useful, time-saving and friendly tools to support veterinary clinics in the professional management of veterinary practice.
comfortable shopping

Buying on the platform is child's play. Start saving today with the convenience and speed of Vet.pl

At the beginning, after registering on Vet.pl, you need to add the accounts you have with the current providers. All data from the above accounts are encrypted and secure — the Vet.pl team does not have access to them, in accordance with our privacy policy! Connecting accounts is essential because it allows you to check your individual and negotiated prices with each provider.

  • Vet.pl is not a wholesaler or intermediary. You don't buy anything from us.
  • Vet.pl is a tool for displaying and aggregating information, which you have access to anyway as a ZLZ with an account in the selected warehouse. Thus, you search for products on your own account in a given warehouse or in stores operated on our platform. Vet.pl, however, allows you to automate what you do next with the data.
  • Instead of rewriting the data from the shopping lists into the wholesale order system in order to search it - you have a central and devilishly fast search engine Vet.pl.
  • Instead of saving prices, availability and delivery dates for comparison in excel, Vet.pl will prepare a relevant summary from which you can choose the products you want to buy.
  • You can have multiple shopping lists and multiple baskets, and order products from multiple suppliers. We will help you manage your purchases the way professional merchants do, keeping the simplicity you know from Allegro.
  • Ultimately, we will provide you with the tools to complete your purchases, keeping the time and number of clicks to an absolute minimum.
  • You can pay by bank transfer, bank card or flash.
  • We will also offer you deferred payments.
like we operate?

These are the rules we follow.

If you need to contact our team while using the app, you can enable the live chat available in the “Account” tab. We would love to hear your feedback, as it will be useful for us to further develop the functionality of the platform! Contact us if you have any requests and suggestions!

We want our intentions to be clear and we don't want to leave room for guesswork. The platform is free in the basic version, and in this version we earn from working with suppliers. We organize and simplify the ZLZ purchasing market, putting time and more control in the hands of buyers, while reducing the operating costs for suppliers in this market. It is their fees for the use of our IT tools that will make the digital veterinary procurement market flourish.As a technology group company, we plan to offer useful new tools for veterinary practices that will require small fees. These include the use of analytical tools or artificial intelligence in the role of purchasing assistants.

The platform is inspired by the prose of ordering veterinary products by the owners of ZLZs. It is their struggles, needs and suggestions that underlie the functionality offered on Vet.pl. We also leave the influence on the direction of development of the platform's functionality in the hands of the community. By sharing your opinions and ideas with us, you gain a real impact on what functionalities and features appear in the future.

The synergy of the benefits of using the platform grows exponentially as the number of market participants on both sides increases. If you value the convenience of shopping on Vet.pl, ask your suppliers, who are not here yet, to talk to us. We will present them with opportunities to improve customer service, speed up deliveries, and reduce operational and transaction costs. The digital shopping revolution cannot be bypassed, the consumerization of the business shopping market is already on our doorstep, with hands full of new buyer expectations.

Usability is the holy grail of web platforms and software in general. The more the platform makes it easier for the user to achieve the goals (buy the fastest, easiest and cheapest) the higher the usability and thus the higher the user satisfaction of the platform in the long run. We are here to reach the heights of your satisfaction in shopping for your veterinary practice. Be sure to let us know how we can improve the usability of the portal, which will translate into your comfort and satisfaction.


Vet.pl is an independent and independently managed company - its owner is not a purchasing group, a distributor or any other veterinary organization.


Our platform has been built to the highest standards and has been consistently refined to ensure 100% security. Vet.pl strictly opposes the sale and sharing of any data and information.


On Vet.pl you can not only place orders from all the largest suppliers of veterinary products without leaving the site, but you also have access to a unified order history and purchase analytics that will help you control your practice expenses and easily monitor orders.


We also offer you our exclusive “cashback” promotions, which you can take advantage of in addition to what providers offer you. These work in a similar way to discounts that you can take advantage of when shopping. You can transfer the funds saved in this way to a gift card or request them to be transferred to your practice account!

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Vet.pl does not require any fees and will always offer free functionality for ZLZs. No frills, no hidden fees. Create an account today, the world of the digital shopping revolution is open to you.
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