Benefits of

for your ZLZ

Recover the time associated with the execution of orders. is a technology created for ZLZs in order to automate the processes of handling orders of medicines, goods, materials and veterinary services. Introducing the veterinary shopping platform.

Save money
  • Search for the most advantageous offers
  • Control delivery costs
  • Take advantage of promotions
  • Set alerts for availability - will notify you when the product is available again
Save time
  • You want to log in to different stores - you search all stores on one login
  • You look for the drug in one place, not in several
  • is your data aggregator from many warehouses. Shop like a pro.
  • On you check the assortment of multiple suppliers in one place. You buy as in a bazaar or market, all suppliers are in one place (“ market”)
Improve productivity
  • Avoid mistakes in filling orders
  • Remember everything, never again canceled treatments because something is missing.
  • Improve communication with suppliers while saving time. Tools for group work on channel and organize communication with suppliers/traders
Be smart with features and save time and money. Allow yourself to help you manage your purchases.
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