Problems that we solve is a tool created for animal treatment facilities, by specialists in purchasing platforms, with the participation of veterinarians. focuses on solving everyday problems related to the conduct of veterinary practice, i.e. lack of time, lack of quick access to information for decision-making.

Ineffective practices
Do you take pictures of sheets of paper?
A photo is a frozen reality that cannot be used directly to make purchases. The data from the photo needs to be decrypted line by line and then used to search the next stores. It takes ages and is inefficient.
Solutions offered by VET.PL
Do you take pictures of sheets of paper? allows you to create electronic shopping lists from the mobile application. Items entered into the list can instantly search and link to products on the platform.
You can also use the app's built-in barcode scanner to add products to your requisition list even faster. At the end of the day, you'll verify the list, use it to search multiple vendor stores at once, and instantly convert to orders to one or multiple vendors at once. is a platform created to save your time.
Time is the universal currencyWhen used ineffectively, it is irretrievably lost. We will help you save timethat you can spend on priceless moments with loved ones, friends or with a glass of wine and a hot bath.
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Ineffective practices
Time-consuming browsing through the stores of several suppliers.
Surely you know this cycle
  • Log in to the warehouse
  • Check if the medicine is available
  • There is - save the price or order/None - go to the next wholesale
  • And so until the end of the list
Sometimes you don't want to live!! Why can't anyone figure out how to simplify it?
Solutions offered by VET.PL
We've simplified it.
  • In You only enter your login details once to various external wholesalers.
  • Simultaneously you are Instantly connected to all warehouseswho run their shops here.
  • When you have a verified list of products to order... just click −
  •, acting as a virtual robot, will check product availability for you and...
  • will prepare for you ready list, where you will indicate what, from whom and for when you order.
  • Click ... and everybody stakeholders will receive Appropriate orders.
Ineffective practices
Checking product availability across different wholesalers can be tedious
It just takes up too much time, our private time, which we do not provide for children, partners, ourselves, because... I HAVE ORDERS TO DO!
Solutions offered by VET.PL was created specifically for veterinary practices to help you regain your time, thanks to the use of technology
  • You simply indicate what and from whom you want to order, and we will take care of the “paperwork”. You can go to the kids, drink some wine or go for a run.
  • Based on your needs, will prepare a summary of what and from whom it is available and what are the conditions of purchase.
  • In the blink of an eye, you will get the information you need to make purchasing decisions and...
  • you can enjoy life after work:)
Ineffective practices
Not easy contact with the wholesaler
Sales representatives always want to meet, just when you are taking patients,... and when you order, they are not working, or (at this time) it is no longer appropriate to call.
Solutions offered by VET.PL
Orderly communication
  • offers you an asynchronous channel of communication with sellers, that is, you do not have to be participants in the conversation at the same time, however, the entire arrangement is recorded as chat in messenger.
  • After all, you don't have to call back to find out what it was about, you finally answer, then when you really have a free moment without missing the thread.
  • You can have conversations in channels dedicated to specific wholesalers, purchase letters or orders. Everything is in order.
  • You will see notifications of new messages on your phone.
  • Communication is streamlined and simplified so that save your time and guarantee your convenience.
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